Fascinating Uses for Virtual Reality Tech in Real World

These days, if you search “Virtual Reality” on the Internet, most of the results will be relevant to the gaming field. You can see the types of games that use this technology or the tools needed to run such games in your search results. But dont get it wrong, the virtual reality has had many highly specialized and serious applications from its first steps. In this article, we will introduce you to some real world applications of VR.

Fascinating Uses for Virtual Reality Tech in Real World

Specific training courses

Virtual Reality technology allows simulating environments that actual presence in them can be very costly or even dangerous. Of course, it's obvious that such an experience can't replace the normal situation, but without any doubt, it prepares people for the situation. Some of the areas that VR provides valuable opportunities for education include:

- Space missions: Undoubtedly space is an unknown environment for humans that most of its conditions are different from our experiences on Earth. Space agencies have been spending vast amounts of money to simulate space-like conditions, even for a short time, for their astronauts. VR technology allows astronauts in training courses to practice various situations and missions.

- Military Training: Military forces are always in very dangerous conditions, and full preparation for them can mean death or life. The use of advanced equipment, the dismantling of bombs and explosive devices, the salvation of certain conditions, and even parachuting exercises are among the issues that military personnel can use VR technology to acquire an early level of familiarity and readiness about them.

- Nuclear installations: Nuclear power today has many applications in many industrial, medical and energy plants. However, the facilities associated with this technology must take on a wide range of security measures to protect the personnel and people who live near them. Indeed, to prepare the staff of a power plant for conditions such as radioactive leakage or rising reactor temperatures, such conditions can't be created for practice. However, VR technology provides personnel with the ability to prepare for dealing with unpredicted events.



Different medical disciplines deal with human health. This makes the doctors' skills in dealing with various patients highly sensitive, as there is no room for experimentation. Medical centers and universities have always used a variety of methods (even the use of dead bodies) to train medical students with the structure of the human body and to learn how to interact and work on it.

Now, VR technology not only provides students with the possibility of accurately rebuilding human body components but also can simulate a specific disease in the body and allow surgeons to practice different treatments without exposing any risk for patients. Doctors can also use this technology to practice newly developed treatment or surgical techniques and get skilled in performing them.

Another area where virtual reality is used in the treatment of mental disorders such as stress, various fears, phobia, and PTSD (post lumbar stress disorder). Here, VR technology by putting the subject safely in the same situation that makes various psychological pressures on him teaches him how to cope with such a situation and control himself.



During a visit to a museum, you will see different objects and symbols from different periods of history. Museums try to provide you with an idea of the conditions and environment related to the age of each objects by presenting descriptions, pictures, and drawings. Now, the VR technology allows you to experience an environment that exactly simulates the same time frame. For example, you can see exactly how a particular dish was used or how different people behaved over a specific period.


Criminal cases

Criminal cases have been one of the most challenging issues throughout the history of judicial institutions throughout the world. The existence of a human victim in each case increases its sensitivity significantly. At the same time, the history of the courts has frequently witnessed unpleasant incidents that an innocent person has been sentenced wrongfully or a guilty party has been mistakenly acquitted. These cases, which are considered to be the greatest failures of judicial systems, have made the process of investigating and scrutinizing of crime scenes a highly advanced and precise science. VR technology, a new tool in this area, will allow court experts and authorities to simulate precisely the circumstances of the crime scene and pay more attention to what really happened, with much more precision.



Many of us have experienced online purchases. In these cases, we will select a variety of products based on the specifications, prices, and the images we see from them. These goods can vary from simple items like a pen to an automobile or an apartment. Virtual reality allows buyers not only to put themselves in the store environment but also to experience it with their family or friends. Now the user can search different parts of the shop, compare the dimensions and appearance of the various goods, and ultimately make a more accurate choice. Also, this technology in the real estate market allows customers to go through the space they want and examine different angles.

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