Expect these technologies in your car by 2020

Sometimes time can be very seductive. For example, when talking about what might happen in 2020, at first it may seem like a far outlook, but the fact is that there are only slightly more than two years until then. This suggests that what is expected as a prediction of technological events in 2020 gets more exciting. An attractive example in this area is the automotive company's plans for 2020. In other words, based on the approaches of these manufacturers, it is anticipated that some of today's known ideas and technologies that are currently only proposed as a suggestion for use in the automotive industry, or are in use very Limited in specific models of products, will become the general characteristics of cars by 2020. We will introduce a number of these technologies to you.

Expect these technologies in your car by 2020

Display route information on front windshield

Today, drivers use a touchscreen on their car console or on their mobile phone screen to get a routing guide. Now imagine these guide tips show up on the windshield of your car and exactly on the road surface. Enhancing the precision of GPS systems, the technical and qualitative progress of the HUD (Head-Up Display) technology, and the incorporation of various high precision sensors in vehicles, allows you to get very detailed routing instructions that provide safe, accountable, and peaceful driving for drivers.


Biometric access to vehicle

Many modern vehicles now use remote controls to unlock doors and turn on the engine. In fact, some of these models even detect the owner's proximity (via a mobile app or the remote control device) and automatically turn on the engine in addition to opening the doors. The next step in this direction is the use of biometric scanners. Just like today that you can unlock your mobile phone with your fingerprint, by 2020 you can use fingerprints or other biometric features to enter your car or turn it on. While the accuracy of systems based on biometric sensors is increasingly improving, this approach will soon be a serious obstacle to theft of cars.


Disable stolen cars

Now that we talked about the theft of cars let's also mention the other way the car industry thought to thwart the thieves. Nowadays, the ability to communicate with wireless and mobile networks just like an infectious disease has spread to the vast majority of tools and equipment that we use in various forms. Cars are no exception to this rule. The same connection with the intelligent automobile's control and management system allows the owner of the vehicle or police to shut off the stolen vehicle remotely. In this way, the thief stumbles in a car that is entirely disabled or at least can't move it to another location.


Monitoring driver's health and consciousness

With a short search on the market, you can find a wide variety of smart health appliances. These smart devices use different sensors to measure your health. It's natural that the same sensors can be embedded in car components instead of wearable gadgets. For example, consider a heart rate sensor embedded in the seat belt. Various sensors can be mounted on the car's steering wheel, and a special camera can ensure that the driver's eyes are open and he/she is awake.

On the other hand, the movements and how the driver reacts to the obstacles and the route of the road can determine his level of consciousness. By analyzing the information received from the guidance sensors installed around the body, the smart vehicle management and guidance system can detect that the driver does not make the right decisions to driving the car.

The combination of these two structures, with the ability to autonomous driving, allows the car's management system to pull the car over and stop. In this way, the first step that is maintaining the health of the driver and occupants of the vehicle and, of course, other cars on the road, is taken. If the driver is not in good condition in terms of health, the car will automatically call the help centers and ask for help.

As you can see, the ideas that are expected to be popular among automotive companies by 2020 will focus on the safety of drivers, occupants, and people who are by any means in the route of a vehicle on the road. Safeguarding the car and preventing theft or abuse of it is in the next position. Also, providing the complete information for driving fluently, quickly and comfortably, occupy the third place.

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